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Cathodic Protection (CP) Equipment and Monitoring Systems

PMAC manufacture for purchase a number of products for the monitoring of Cathodic Protection including complete systems for use by ROV, Survey or other IRM companies involved in the monitoring of assets such as Subsea Pipelines, Offshore Platforms and Windfarms or other subsea metallic structures as well as piles and other steel components such as H-Piles of Harbours and other sea defenses.

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CP24 Monitoring System


RS System

Cathodic Protection Probe

CP Probes


CP Tolerance Testing Kit

PMAC CP24 Monitoring System

The PMAC CP24 is a user operated simplified subsea Cathodic Potential (CP) measuring system that does not require the presence of a dedicated CP engineer and can be used by data recorders, ROV pilots or any other survey/inspection personnel.

Based on the use of the Silver/Silver Chloride (Ag/AgCl) Half-Cells, the system gives real time data measurement for subsea pipelines, offshore platforms or other structures such as offshore wind turbines that have a submerged steel element.

Continuous proximity CP and electrical Field Gradient (FG) readings can be read simultaneously coupled with contact measurement when required without having to change setting or probes. The system may be used for multiple CP survey types including;


  • Direct Contact CP readings – for absolute potential spot readings

  • Proximity CP readings - using either a direct (earth wire) link to the asset under inspection or by use of a remote half-cell for free flying.

  • Field Gradient readings – when the twin cell probe is fitted the system will display field gradient readings in both proximity form and during direct contact allowing for prevailing anode activity to be confirmed rather than visually estimated.


The base package contains all the items unique to the system required for use that wouldn’t be expected to be freely available elsewhere, including;

  • Single Cell Type Contact/Proximity CP probe complete with Ag/AgCl half cells,

  • Ag/AgCl remote reference cell on a 10m marinised cable, for proximity readings without direct connection to the asset,

  • Subsea electronics pod,

  • Copy of the display software for installation on the user’s own computer

  • US Mil Spec 18001K 99.7% purity zinc test block

  • Saturated calomel reference electrodes

  • Whip ends for connecting the electronics pod to the ROV

  • Full instruction manual with recommended procedures

  • Spare Inconel Stab tip


Download the brochure below to learn more about our CP24 Monitoring System.


Please do not hesitate to contact us for more extensive information or individual consulting.

Brochure Download

CP24 System

Contact & Proximity CP/FG Probes

As well as Single and Twin Half-Cell probes for use with the CP24 System, PMAC can also supply our design of probes with custom connection whips for use with other manufacturers electronics.

Subsea CP Probes
CP Probes

PMAC RS System 

Designed to be depleted by an individual operator, without additional equipment, the PMAC RS kit allows for the collection of Cathodic Potentials by the Drop or Dip Cell method, from many types of subsea metallic components such as Windfarm monopiles or Jackets, Risers, Habour walls and Jetties or Oil & Gas Platform legs, from a surface position. 

Consisting of a Silver/Silver Chloride Half-cell electrode housed in a weighted Acetal body on a 100m cable reel and a earth clamp, along with a calibrated multimeter. 

The system requires that a connection is made to an above sea level component of the item to be surveyed, and a weighted measuring cell is then manually lowered vertically into the seawater, adjacent to the item to be inspected. 

An operator is then able to directly measure and record real time and accurate cathodic potentials at any depth desired, down to a maximum depth of 100m. 


Download the brochure below to learn more about our RS System.


Please do not hesitate to contact us for more extensive information or individual consulting.

Brochure Download


CP Tolerance Testing Kit 

The base kit contains all the necessary items that are required for tolerance check on a PMAC CP system. The kit includes;

  • Saturated calomel reference electrodes

  • US Mil Spec 18001K 99.7% purity zinc test block

  • Instant marine salt


For a complete kit, PMAC can also supply the recommended Fluke 87 or 115 multimeters, with UKAS calibration. 

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